Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

A lot of people suffer from chronic allergies. These allergies can be caused by pollen, dust, peanuts, and many other things. However, a lot of people can also get their allergies aggravated by dog hair. So, are French bulldogs hypoallergenic? 

The answer is no. Even though French bulldogs are a short-haired breed, they are not hypoallergenic. They shed a lot of hair, which can be a problem if you have allergies. 

In fact, a study done by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America revealed that almost 30% of the current population experience allergies caused by dogs and dog hair. This is one of the major reasons why many animal lovers have to think twice before adopting a furry friend. 

However, if you really want a Frenchie, you’re in luck! This article has everything you need to know about French bulldogs and how to manage them if you have allergies. 

So, let’s jump right to it, folks!

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean When Related To Dogs?




If you have owned a dog for a while or know someone who owns a dog, chances are you may have already come across the term “hypoallergenic”. But what does it mean?

In simple terms, hypoallergenic is any animal/person/thing that has very few chances of triggering an allergic reaction for a person. In terms of dogs, the animal is less likely to trigger an allergy in a person.

Therefore, it is best to adopt a dog with hypoallergenic properties if you suffer from allergies. 

But are French bulldogs hypoallergenic? If so, how does it work? When your pet Frenchie has an allergy, it can be because of a protein found in their skin cells and saliva. 

These proteins can then transform into harmful allergens that start to collect on their fur and skin. All dogs, irrespective of their breed, shed a certain amount of skin flakes and dead, loose hair. These are commonly known as “dander.”

Most dander carries these allergens. Thus, when an allergic person comes in contact with them, they can experience intense itching, sneezing, skin rashes, and even watery eyes.

How Does A Hypoallergenic Dog Help?

If you have allergies and still want a furry best friend, don’t worry! You can still adopt a hypoallergenic dog! 

In fact, these are the perfect buddies for people who love dogs but cannot adopt them because of their allergies. Even if you are not prone to having allergic breakouts, you can still get hypoallergenic dogs to protect your friends and family who might have allergies. 

This way, even if your loved ones have allergies, they will still be able to goof around with their beloved pet without worrying about an allergic reaction. 

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

Frenchies are extremely adorable dogs and can capture everyone’s heart. However, if you have allergies, you might want to ask yourself one question: Are French bulldogs hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, French bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. So, if you have allergies, you can have an allergic reaction when you come in contact with a Frenchie. You might start to experience sneezing, watery eyes, and even extreme reactions in some cases.

Even though these breeds are a short-haired variety, they shed hair everywhere. The amount of shedding increases in summer.

What Are The Common Signs Of An Allergic Reaction?




If you find your allergies starting to flare up for no reason, take a look at the room and your surroundings. If you find a Frenchie in the corner, you might have identified the cause. But what is the sign of an allergic reaction?

Listed below are eight common signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction.

  • You start to sneeze
  • Your nose starts running
  • You might have nasal congestion
  • You might start coughing
  • You might experience shortness of breath
  • You wheeze
  • You have a stream of watery eyes
  • You start to develop rashes with excessive itching on the skin

What If You Cannot Resist Adopting A French Bulldog?

Bringing home a new furry friend is no big deal when all the members in the house are free of allergies. However, if there are people with allergies, you might want to think again. 

So, maybe you have seen this really cute Frenchie at the adoption center, and you want to adopt it. But French bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. What do you do if someone at home (or even yourself) is suffering from allergies? 

If you have set your mind on getting a pet Frenchie, the first step would be to do the required research. Do not adopt the puppy immediately because they gave you the googly eyes.

Spend some time with the puppy before you adopt it. This way, you will know how extreme the reactions are. Based on this, you can make your decision. 

While Frenchies do not shed as much as a regular dog, they can still flare up your allergies. As the weather gets a little sunny, your pet pooch will start shedding a lot more fur. 

The best way to manage this is regularly brush their fur. This way, you will get rid of all the excess fur without riling up your allergies. 

Tips To Follow If You Are Allergic And Own A Frenchie




If you want to adopt a little Frenchie, even with allergies, you can follow the tips mentioned below. This way, you can lower the intensity of the reactions and maybe even get rid of them!

Groom Your Pet

One way to lessen your allergies is by keeping your dog well-groomed at all times. As mentioned before, your dog’s fur can collect a lot of dander, which is a potential allergen. These can be skin flakes or just dried hair. 

Therefore, by regularly grooming the hair, you can remove the dander and keep your allergies at bay.


Do Not Let Them On Your Furniture

Other than regularly grooming them, your canine companion might wander off and sit on your chairs, beds, and other furniture. While doing so, they are bound to leave their hair on the furniture. 

Therefore, make sure they have a separate space for themselves where they can relax instead of hopping on top of your furniture. 

Wash All Your Bedding & Linen Often

Even when you follow the first two tips religiously, you are bound to have some fur and dander on your bedding and linen clothing. It is best to wash them every now and then to reduce the hair and dander. 

You might also want to consider washing your furniture frequently.

Take Extra Care Of Your Carpets

Now that you have gotten into the practice of washing your linen and bedding material consider deep cleaning all your floor’s carpets as well. When your furry friend walks over the carpet, they are most probably also shedding on it. Over time, your carpet can start to collect your dog’s fur, and this will become a major problem.

Make sure to have all your carpets deep cleaned regularly. If you can, remove all the carpets from the floors and opt to have a wooden or tile floor instead.

Make Them Wear A Dog T-Shirt

A lot of people think of dogs wearing t-shirts to be nothing but a way to get their attention. It makes the dog look very cute and cuddly. 

However, if you are prone to getting allergic reactions, putting your pet Frenchie in a t-shirt has other benefits as well. This may sound strange, but putting your pooch in a t-shirt will help significantly reduce the fur and dander. 

This way, they look cute and also relieve you of your allergies. 

Check Your Reactions




The best way to try and control your allergies is to spend time with your Frenchie. During the first few times, your allergies might flare up. However, the intensity of the reaction differs from person to person.

Some people’s allergic reactions might just be some sneezes paired with a stream of watery eyes. However, the effects might be more severe for people with asthma and other breathing issues. 

Based on your reactions, you can decide whether the Frenchie is good for you or not.

Consider Taking Medication

If you really want to purchase a French bulldog, you can consider talking to your doctor about allergy medicines. Not only can these medicines help to suppress your allergies, but they can also prevent harmful allergic reactions.

Get An Air Purifier

If you own a pet Frenchie and want to remove the amount of dander, you might want to consider purchasing an air purifier. We understand that it might be a heavy investment, but it can also prove to be very beneficial. 

An air purifier will help by filtering all the dirt, dander, and allergens. This will reduce the chances of you getting an allergic reaction.

Give Your Mutt A Bath

If you are someone who suffers from frequent allergy attacks, it is very important to give your Frenchie a bath at least once every week. While doing this, be sure to use a mild dog shampoo to remove the dirt, debris, and dander from their fur. 

Do Not Rush The Process

It is very easy to fall for a Frenchie’s adorable eyes and looks. However, do not immediately adopt the dog based on this, especially if you have allergies. Make sure you can take proper care of the pet and yourself if you decide to bring it home. 

The 6 Best Alternatives For French Bulldogs

If you really want to adopt an adorable canine companion for your home but have allergies, you can consider choosing a breed from the list of dogs mentioned below. These dogs shed much less than Frenchies, making them the better alternatives. 


The Shih-Tzu is a lovely dog breed that can be a great companion for those with allergies. This is because they do not shed any fur or dander unless you start to brush their fur. 

They are also extremely adorable, thanks to their long coat and luxurious looks. 

Maltese Poodle

These adorable little dogs are extremely energetic and full of life. And the best part is that they hardly shed any fur. These dogs are perfect companions if you want a pet that loves to play and cuddle with you.


The Labradoodle pup is an adorable mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Maltese Poodle. 

The Retriever might not be a hypoallergenic dog, but the mix with the Maltese Poodle makes it the perfect dog if you have allergies. They are smart, energetic, and hypoallergenic dogs.


If you want a dog that is extremely cuddly, friendly, and hypoallergenic, a Samoyed is what you need. These pups look a lot like beautiful fluffy clouds. These adorable pooches are perfect for those with allergies, but they require a lot of exercises. So, keep in mind to take them out for a quick 30-minute walk every day.

However, if you live in a hot country, these dogs might not be suitable for you since Samoyeds were originally bred in Siberia.

West Highland Terrier

Another great alternative for the French bulldog is the West Highland Terrier. While these are not completely hypoallergenic, they still shed less than Frenchies.  

They can be very sweet and friendly companions to their owners. However, they might not get along well with the other smaller pets in your house. So, if you have another kitten or puppy in the house, make sure you take extra care of them, as your Terrier will take a long time to warm up to them. 

Italian Greyhound

If you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog with a lovely nature, you can consider opting for the Italian Greyhound. They can be very alert and protective, but they are also very affectionate companions. 

Moreover, you will be delighted to know that this breed is a natural couch potato and does not require much physical activity. On any given day, they will choose to sit with you and cuddle all day.

Are There Any Dogs That Are Completely Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, no breed of dog is completely hypoallergenic. Some dogs shed a lot of hair, and some shed lesser. However, all dogs shed hair, no matter what their breed is. 

Based on the intensity of your allergies, your signs can vary from a runny nose, sneezing, and watering eyes to more severe effects. If you are concerned about your reactions, it is best to speak to your doctor before deciding to adopt a canine companion. 

Final Verdict

One thing that we can all agree with is the fact that French bulldogs are extremely adorable. They are small, cute, and cuddly little animals. They serve as loyal companions to all people, but what about those with allergies? Are French bulldogs hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, Frenchies are not hypoallergenic. The French bulldog skin issues can produce a lot of dander, which is a potential allergen. Therefore, they are not the best choice for allergic people.

However, if you are still determined to adopt a Frenchie, you can do so by following the tips mentioned in this article. Be sure to pay attention and spend a lot of time keeping your house dander-free. 

This way, your space will remain clean and safe for you and your loved ones. 

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