Are French Bulldogs Stubborn?

Due to their liveliness and loyalty, French bulldogs are becoming more and more popular. As they are smaller in size and excellent with kids, Frenchies make an ideal family pet. However, the real question is, are French bulldogs stubborn?

Keep in mind that no two dog breeds are the same. In fact, no two dogs of the same breed are the same. Each dog has its own personality and temperament. Generally speaking, Frenchies can be quite stubborn if you don’t know how to treat them properly.

French bulldogs are quite intelligent and smart. You can train them to be less stubborn than you want. Keep on reading to learn all about a Frenchie’s temperament and the common reasons why are Bulldogs so stubborn:

French Bulldogs Temperament




When it comes to temperament, French bulldogs are playful, athletic, patient, alert, keen, affectionate, bright, sociable, lively, and easygoing, with a little bit of stubbornness. French bulldogs were bred to be lapdogs for lacemakers in England.

As these dogs were bred to be companions, they are loyal and affectionate. They crave their owner’s attention and get attached to their family. In fact, if you leave your Frenchie for a few hours, he will become anxious and stressed due to loneliness.

In addition, French bulldogs are considered quiet. Compared to other dog breeds, they do not bark a lot, making them perfect for an apartment. However, they will bark if you leave them alone! With their wrinkly appearance, French bulldogs are smaller in size.

Keep in mind that stubbornness is in your French bulldog’s nature. They are persistent when it comes to getting attention. Due to their stubborn nature, they might even start to bark a lot just to get your attention. Fortunately, there are some ways to make your French bulldog less stubborn: as discussed below!

Are French Bulldogs Stubborn – 6 Main Reasons




If you are wondering, are French bulldogs stubborn? Then the short answer is YES. French bulldogs can act stubbornly during training sessions and on certain occasions. They usually become stubborn when they don’t get enough attention or motivation.

Alternatively, keep in mind that no two French bulldogs are the same. If one Frenchie is stubborn while the other one is easygoing, there’s nothing wrong with the first one. In fact, most French bulldogs are stubborn by nature. In that case, you cannot blame your little furball!

French bulldogs are playful and forceful. Even though they are intelligent and smart, they can sometimes lose interest in certain activities – especially during training lessons. In that scenario, they will find other fun activities to spend their time in. During that period, they can become extremely stubborn!

Besides their lack of interest, there are several other reasons why you Frenchies are so persistent. To give you a better perspective, below, we have compiled a list of some of the main reasons why your bulldogs are so stubborn:


Just like humans, dogs can also get anxious and stressed – especially French bulldogs. As mentioned earlier, Frenchies were bred to be companions. Therefore, they need constant attention and care from their owners. Moreover, French bulldogs get really attached to their family and owners.

Suppose you had an easygoing pet that wasn’t stubborn at all in the past. The stubbornness might be a result of stress and anxiety. Several circumstances can lead to a stressed pet. For instance, leaving your French bulldog for a few hours will become lonely, which can lead to anxiety.

Moreover, French bulldogs do not like change. Giving them a strange toy will make them anxious and even stressed. Plus, if you try to change their surroundings or their food bowl, French bulldogs will behave stubbornly.

French bulldogs might be good with children, but they can become over-protective. In that scenario, they will get too attached to a child and become stubborn when you try to separate them!


Stubbornness is not always a natural thing. Are you sure your little furball is healthy? If your French bulldog is sick or injured, he will become stubborn to relieve pain. For instance, if you try to pick an injured dog, he will try to avoid your touch due to unnecessary pain.

Fortunately, French bulldogs are prone to a wide range of health complications. Some of the most common health issues in French bulldogs include Proderma, Skin Fold Dermatitis, Conjunctivitis, Diarrhea, and Ear Infection.

If your little furball is suffering from these issues, it’s best to consult your vet. Furthermore, try to avoid touching the infected area, as you might be hurting your pet by pressing on the injuries!


The biggest issue with French bulldogs is that they can easily get distracted. If you are training a Frenchie and he sees a toy, it will be quite hard for you to get their attention. So, if you are training your pet, ensure there are no toys around.

In addition, toys are not the only thing that can distract your French bulldog. Even people and voices can distract your little furball. If you are trying to train your Frenchie and a mailman comes outside, your dog will start to bark stubbornly.

Keep in mind that French bulldogs can be territorial. So, strangers on your property will certainly lead to a little disturbance. This is a good thing until your French bulldog becomes an excessive barker. To avoid this problem, train your dog to be more social.


While most French bulldogs are considered stubborn, not all Frenchies are stubborn by nature. While training your dog, it is a possibility that your dog does not understand you at all. In that case, you’ll think your dog is disobedient. While in reality, he just cannot understand what you are trying to do.

Therefore, it’s important you make sure you are providing clear instructions. Try to be as precise as possible while trying your dog. Moreover, don’t shout at your little furball because it can lead to negative behavior.


French bulldogs are quite energetic. This whole breed is playful, forceful, and loaded with positive energy. Therefore, it is recommended to take your dog outside for exercise daily. This is because if your Frenchie does not release his energy in exercise, he will use it against you.

Although French Bulldogs are energetic, they are not hyperactive. This is the main reason why they are considered excellent family pets. If you have kids in your home, a French bulldog will be an excellent pet for you.

French bulldogs can play for your kid for hours. Due to their lively nature, this breed can even become your child’s best friend. Moreover, their small size won’t even hurt your kid while playing. However, they are still animals. So, keep an eye on your dog and kid while they are playing with each other.


French bulldogs inherit most of their traits from their parents. Moreover, they are quite intelligent and learn a lot of things from their surroundings. If the parents were stubborn, there is a chance your selected pup would also be stubborn.

Moreover, if you have someone else in your home that is persistent, your Frenchie will try to copy them. Keep in mind that it’s in their genetics to be affectionate and attention seekers. So, they will certainly be stubborn to get your attention.

You cannot change the genetics of a dog. However, you can train him to be more obedient and socialize. Obedience and socialization training is a must for French bulldogs – especially if you have children in your home. Otherwise, your Frenchie can cause a lot of problems.

Making Frenchie Less Stubborn




An untrained dog can cause a lot of problems. Therefore, you must give obedience and socialization training to your French bulldogs. However, training a stubborn French Bulldog is certainly not a piece of cake.

How to train a stubborn Bulldog? Fortunately, there are several ways to make your French bulldog less stubborn. Even though stubbornness is in your dog’s nature, here are some effective ways to make your pet less stubborn in the long run:

  • Avoid distractions. While training your dog, don’t let him get distracted by toys or people.
  • Offer their favorite treats when they do something good.
  • During training lessons, give them timeouts and take breaks.
  • Positive reinforcements are a must to encourage positive behavior.
  • Be gentle but use firm language to show you are in charge
  • Discipline them when they are small
  • Consistency is important while training your Frenchie

French bulldogs might be intelligent, but they are still animals. They cannot talk like humans. So, misunderstanding is inevitable. Therefore, you need to be persistent as well. Don’t be too harsh on your little furball if he doesn’t understand you!

Moreover, if your dog was easygoing in the past, consult with your vet. Stubbornness could be a sign of illnesses and injuries. Therefore, you shouldn’t take it easy – especially if your Frenchie is constantly barking. Consult your vet and follow instructions to avoid any serious issues!

In a Nutshell

French bulldogs are certainly an excellent family pet with a cute, adorable wrinkly appearance, small size, and unmatchable loyalty. However, before you get yourself a new pet, you need to know all about that certain breed. Therefore, it’s important to ask, are French bulldogs stubborn?

Well, the short answer to this question is YES. Generally speaking, French bulldogs are considered quite stubborn. This stubbornness is in their nature and can be caused by several reasons, such as their genetics and energetic nature.

Moreover, your little furball might be acting stubbornly because of misunderstanding, distractions, and fear. In that scenario, try to calm your dog down and take out any strange thing. Stubbornness can also be a result of health complications, such as anxiety, stress, and illnesses.

If your dog suddenly becomes stubborn, take him to the vet and follow his instruction. Injuries and health issues can influence Frenchie’s behavior. In that scenario, the vet will find the actual reason!

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