Best Food for French Bulldogs with Sensitive Stomach

A Frenchie’s diet depends upon several factors, including its metabolism, activity level, weight, size, age, and many more. To keep your little furball healthy, you need to offer a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, you must ask, what’s the best food for French Bulldogs with sensitive stomach?

French Bulldogs are adorable cute, loyal, affectionate, playful, and much more. They are a cross between French Terriers and English Bulldogs. Originally, these dogs were bred to be companions. So, while they have a gentle temperament, they are incredibly cute as well.

However, French Bulldogs have delicate bellies compared to other dog breeds. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while creating their ideal diet. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best foods for French Bulldogs with sensitive stomach.

French Bulldogs and Basic Food Allergies




French Bulldogs are cross-breed. So they are prone to several health issues. One of the most common health issues that French Bulldogs face is gastrointestinal problems. Frenchies have quite a sensitive stomach. So, even a little imbalance can lead to belly problems.

Most Frenchies that have sensitive stomachs face issues digesting meat. In that scenario, it is recommended to give them fish-based food. However, before you go on and alter your pet’s diet, you must consult your vet to avoid food allergies.

French Bulldogs are prone to food allergies, which can lead to several issues related to their skin, such as pruritus, hives, crusting lesions, dermatitis, and many more. Some of the common food allergies that French Bulldogs can experience are:

  • Nut Allergies – You should never give your little furball nuts because they are loaded with macadamias – a harmful substance that can lead to severe allergic reactions and even death.
  • Gluten Allergies – Some Frenchies are allergic to grains as well. In that scenario, you’ll have to offer them a gluten-free diet. In this case, you can give them products made from barley or oats.

Here are some of the common symptoms of food allergies in French Bulldogs:

Vomiting & Diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea are the quickest and most obvious signs of food allergies in French Bulldogs. Most of the time, the allergic reaction leads to abdominal pain. So, if your little furball is showing signs of discomfort before making the stool, it could be a food allergy.

Swollen Face

Besides their bellies, French Bulldogs also have quite sensitive skin. Most often, food allergies lead to skin allergies, including a swollen face. If your French Bulldog has consumed an allergic food, it can swell its lips, eyelids, and ears.

Keep in mind that a swollen face is one of the most severe symptoms of food allergies. So, if you notice swelling, contact your vet immediately!

Paw and Ear Infection

Paw and ear infections are not that common in French Bulldogs. These problems are not actually the symptoms of a food allergy. However, they are attributed to food insensitivity. As food allergies produce an instant immune system, your French can get paw and ear infections.  

Hair Loss




One of the best things about French Bulldogs is that they don’t shed a lot. Usually, French Bulldogs shed their coat in winter and summer. In summer, they lose their hair to survive the extreme heat. While in winter, they shed to grow a thick coat.

However, there are several other circumstances that can lead to a French Bulldog shedding intensively. For instance, if your dog is anxious or stressed, he will shed his hair. Alternatively, if your dog suffers from a food allergy, it will also experience excessive shedding!

If the hair loss is caused by excessive shedding, you’ll notice bald patches around the backend, ears, stomach, and paws. You can also find that your French Bulldog has oilier skin, or even more dandruff, leading to itchy skin!

Red Patches and Hives

If your dog is suffering from severe food allergies, we will scratch and bite intensively. This action leads to red and inflamed areas or hives and spots that can cause excessive itching.

It is not necessary that you’ll always be able to see hives. Sometimes, you might notice small red dots on your Frenchie’s skin that are allergic too. In most cases, the hives will be hidden under the hair. So, you might have to run your hands over your dog’s body to find them.

While checking for the symptoms, look out for broken skin as well. Sometimes, excessive itching can lead to cuts, increasing the chances of infection.

Itchy Skin

One of the most common symptoms of food allergies in French Bulldogs is itchy skin. Any type of food allergy can cause itchy skin or allergic dermatitis. Some of the most common places where itching tends to occur include:

  • Stomach
  • Paws
  • Ears
  • Butt

Best Food for French Bulldogs with Sensitive Stomach – Top 8 Picks



As you can see, a little imbalance in your Frenchie diet can lead to some severe health complications. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Before offering anything new to your little furball, you should consult your vet and follow his instruction.

It is recommended to give your dog the same food for a few days before adding it to his permanent diet. While offering something new to your dog, make sure to check for allergies. If you see any sort of behavior change, contact your vet immediately.

To help you out, below, we have compiled a list of some of the best foods for French Bulldogs with sensitive stomach:

Hill’s Science Diet





When it comes to the best dog food for French Bulldog with sensitive stomach, no other product can beat Hill’s Science Diet. This food is specially designed for Frenchie with a sensitive stomach, so you can rest assured you are getting the best product possible.

Keep in mind that this dog food is just for adults. You can offer this food to any dog breed as long as they’re adults. It is made with chicken and all the natural ingredients. This food is loaded with the necessary fibers and protein that your dog needs to survive.

The best thing about Hill’s Science Diet is that it is perfect for your little furball’s digestive health and nourishing skin. The probiotic fibers available in this dog food are perfect for supporting a balanced gut microbiome in your adult dog.

The Hill’s Science Diet is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E to help your dog’s healthy skin and lustrous coat. All the ingredients used in this dog food are French and recommended by veterinarians all around the globe.



  • No by-products
  • Available in larger bags
  • Contain vitamins C, E, and antioxidants
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Barley can cause gas pain in some dogs


Blue Buffalo LID





Next, we have Blue Buffalo dog food. If you are looking for the best dog food for French Bulldogs with gas, Blue Buffalo LID is for you. This dry food is for all dog breeds, small or big. While this food is delicious, it includes limited ingredients that are perfect for all dogs with delicate bellies.

The Blue Buffalo LID is free from wheat, soy, and corn. As this dry food contains fewer calories, it is also excellent for weight control, helping your little furball maintain its ideal body weight. So, you can offer this to your overweight dog without feeling guilty.

The recipe for Blue Buffalo LID is quite simple. It only contains single animal meat, turkey, which is loaded with protein. Besides meat, it also includes carbohydrates, such as potatoes, peas, and pumpkin, which can be digested easily.

The Blue Buffalo LID is loaded with vitamins C, E, and Omega fatty acids. While omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are good for your dog’s coat and skin, vitamins C and E promote a healthy immune system. Moreover, it has an ideal combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.



  • Limited ingredients
  • Balanced oxidative
  • Free of wheat and soy
  • Ideal for weight control


  • Not available in bulk


Royal Canin Veterinary Diet





Another dog food for a sensitive stomach that deserves a spot on our list is Royal Canin Veterinary Diet. This product is specially designed for pets with delicate bellies. Moreover, this food is perfect for those adult dogs as well who want to lose some weight as it helps in digesting fats.

You can offer this dry food to any dog breed, small or large. It is entirely palatable and easy to digest. Moreover, this food is free of peas, which some French Bulldogs find hard to digest. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet contains limited ingredients that are easier to process.

All the ingredients used in this dog food are non-toxic and improve the healthy immune system. While probiotics available in this dog food maintain an ideal balance of bacteria, it contains proteins that are easier to digest.

Moreover, the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet promotes healthy stool quality. This product has DHA and EPA contents with omega-3 fatty acids, helping your dog keep its gastric health in excellent condition. Due to its low-fat contents, you can feed this food to your dog 2-4 times a day!



  • Low-fat diet
  • Veterinary grade food
  • Protects from digestive issues
  • Easy to digest


  • A little bit pricey


Purina Pro Plan





Purina Pro Plan is one of the most popular dog food available out there for Frenchies with delicate bellies. This is probably the most positively reviewed dog food in the market, so you can rest assured you are getting the best quality possible.

The Purina Pro Plan is available in different flavors, styles, and sizes. While you can get a small pack of Salmon & Rice flavor, it is also available in 41-pound packaging for convenience. This product is perfect for any adult dog that has a sensitive stomach or sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic, and much more.

While it is delicious, the Purina Pro Plan is quite healthy for French Bulldogs as well. It is loaded with all the necessary ingredients that your little furball needs. The main ingredient of this dog food is salmon, which is loaded with proteins and nutrients.

Mostly, Purina uses sardines or menhaden fish meals in their products. So, if your dog’s delicate belly cannot handle chicken, this dry food is an ideal pick for them. It contains vitamin E and probiotics that are easier to digest and promote a healthy balance of bacteria. This is our pick of Best Food for French Bulldogs with Sensitive Stomach.



  • Affordable dog food
  • Loaded with zinc and proteins
  • Free from allergens
  • No artificial coloring


  • Just for adult dogs


Natural Balance Dog Food





This dog food is perfect for those pets who have a sensitive stomach or certain allergies. It is suitable for all breeds, including Frenchies. As most Frenchies are allergic to soy, corn, and wheat, this grain-free pet food is perfect for them.

Instead of grain, the Natural Balance dog food contains some selected protein and carbohydrate sources. One of the main ingredients of this dog food is Venison Formula, which is rich in iron, vitamin B, and several other important minerals.

Moreover, the Natural Balance dog food is quite delicious due to the added flavor in this food. This dog food contains concentrated Venison Formula, which is comparatively easier to digest, making it ideal for Frenchie’s sensitive stomach.

The Natural Balance dog food is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that are derived from linseed. As fatty acids promote healthy skin and a nourishing coat, this food is perfect for your dog with skin allergies. Moreover, several veterinarians recommend this food to dogs suffering from allergies, skin disorders, scratching, sensitive stomachs, and much more. Definitely one of the Best Food for French Bulldogs with Sensitive Stomach.



  • Help in health skin problems
  • Strong odors
  • No artificial coloring
  • Sweet potatoes for easy digestion


  • A little expensive


Canidae All Life Stages





Next, we have the Canidae All Life Stages dog food. This one is not only nutritious and healthy but also delicious and easier to feed. The recipe for this dog food is perfect for all dogs out there. So, if you are looking for the best dog food for a French Bulldog puppy with a sensitive stomach, this one is an ideal pick for you!

The Canidae All Life Stages dog food is made of the best quality ingredients. Moreover, this food contains all the necessary proteins and nutrients that your dog needs to be healthy. It is completely free from corn, soy, and wheat, making this product ideal for dogs with grain allergies.

Meat is certainly the best source of protein for the dog. The Canidae All Life Stages food is available in different flavors and contains meat ingredients, such as lamb, turkey, and chicken. It includes probiotics and antioxidants with higher contents of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

If you have multiple dogs at home, the Canidae All Life Stages dog food is undoubtedly the best and most economical choice for you. This is because it is suitable for all dog breeds irrelevant of their size or age. So, all you need is to buy a larger pack and give the same food to everyone!



  • Available in bulk
  • Budget-friendly price tags
  • Perfect for delicate bellies
  • Suitable for every dog breed


  • The same kibble size might cause some issues


Nulo Freestyle Dog Food





Last but not least, we have the Nulo Freestyle dog food. When it comes to dog food, Nulo is one of the most popular companies available out there. They offer different dog foods with a variety of flavors and sizes.

The Nulo Freestyle dog food is an excellent pick for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This one is completely grain-free and does not contain soy, wheat, or corn. It is perfect for all dog breeds, regardless of their size. This dog food is available in different flavors, including Turkey, Salmon, and Alaska Pollock.

The Nulo Freestyle dog food is made of limited ingredients. The salmon and turkey flavors contain a single protein, offering a pure flavor. It is completely free from common allergens, including tapioca, white potato, peas, eggs, soy, wheat, corn, and even chicken.

While this dog food is free from chicken, it is loaded with all the necessary nutrients and proteins that are essential to keep your buddy healthy. The animal-based probiotics and proteins available in this dog food are easier to digest.



  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Loaded with calcium and proteins
  • Grain-free
  • Easier to digest


  • Cannot be used as the sole food provider


Best Food for French Bulldogs with Sensitive Stomach Final Verdict

If you have a French Bulldog, you need to consider a lot of things. One of the most important things that you have to consider is their food. If your little furball has a delicate belly, you have to find the best food for French Bulldogs with sensitive stomach.

Fortunately, there are several foods available out there that are easier to digest. Your best pick is Hill’s Science Diet, as it is loaded with all the necessary nutrients and minerals. If you have a French Bulldog puppy, go for Canidae All Life Stages, which is ideal for all dog breeds irrelevant of their size or age!

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