Boston Terrier Vs. French Bulldog

Boston Terrier vs. French bulldog has been a lifelong question for dog lovers. At the very first glance, it can be very difficult to spot the difference between a French bulldog and a Boston Terrier. They are both adorable canines with compassionate personalities. 

Both these breeds know how to stand out and make a statement with their fabulous ears and squishy flat faces. And this is not even the beginning when we discuss the similarities between these two.

One is the American gentleman, and the other is the Frenchie. But how do you tell them apart? 

Dive right into the article below and find out for yourself!

Boston Terrier Vs. French Bulldog – History 

Boston Terrier is an American-born canine friend who gets its name from Boston (MA). During the late 1860s in Liverpool, there was a cross between a bulldog and a White English Terrier (now extinct). This cross resulted in a sturdy and muscular dog named Hooper’s Judge. 

Hooper’s judge was known to be the patriarch of the ancestry of Boston Terrier. As time passed, breeds like the boxer, Pitbull Terrier, French bulldog, and English Bull Terrier were crossbred. As a result, a new breed was developed – Boston Terrier. 

Both the French bulldog and Boston Terrier share the same bloodline – the bloodline of the English bulldog. 

Around the Industrial Revolution, the lace makers from England took their bulldogs to Normandy to accompany them. Over the course of time, French Terriers were bred with these bulldogs in France. The result of the breeding was the development of the French bulldog. 

In the year 1905, the UK Kennel Club officially recognized the French bulldog. And less than a decade later, in 1914, they recognized the Boston Terriers. 

French Bulldog Vs. Boston Terrier – Looks




Both of these breeds share the same ancestor, and that resulted in them having similar features. Due to this, it is practically impossible to tell them apart unless looked at closely. 

But they are more different than you have noticed. 


Both these dogs are small in terms of size. 

While the French bulldog has a muscular and sturdy body with a large bone structure, the distant cousin, the Boston Terrier, is more on the leggy side. 

Due to their long legs, the Boston Terrier is larger than the French bulldog. They have a height of about 17 inches, and their weight is around 22 pounds. 

On the contrary, French bulldogs have a more muscular body, but they are smaller in size. An average French bulldog’s height is around 13 inches, and its weight is about 28 pounds. 

Color And Markings

The color of their coat is probably the most visible difference between these two breeds. A Boston Terrier is generally bi-colored, while a French bulldog is more likely to have a solid coat with big patches.

The markings on the Boston Terrier are the reason why they’re called “American Gentlemen.” When their black and white fur is seen with the markings on their body, it seems as if they’re wearing a tuxedo. 

Even though black and white are the most popular colors for French bulldogs, they also come in colors like brown, cream, brindle, and fawn. 

Face Shape And Ears 

The French bulldog has a square-shaped face, and its ears are shaped like those of a bat. They are an average-sized breed. On the contrary, the Boston Terrier’s face is round in shape, and its ears are pointed. 

A Boston Terrier’s face is less jowly, and its body is leaner. But the French bulldogs have a more jowly face and a stockier body. 


Their little snouts with distinct square-shaped jaws are the other two similarities between these two breeds. 

But you should note that Boston Terriers have wider noses. They have an evenly defined line between the nostrils. The noses are generally black in color. 

The French bulldog has an extremely short nose with relatively broader nostrils. 


The French bulldog and Boston Terriers have mostly straight and very short tails, but sometimes they can be screwed. 

You should note that the screwed tail occurs as the result of a bad formation in the spine. Such tails are commonly seen in French bulldogs. 


A French bulldog and Boston Terrier both have low-maintenance grooming needs. They both have short hair, and there is a very low amount of body odor produced. 

When it comes to shedding, minimal shedding is observed in both these breeds. 

Boston Terrier Vs. French Bulldog Health And Life Span




In terms of health issues, Boston Terrier owners need to watch out for problems like allergies, cataracts, hearing impairments, and seizures. On average, Boston Terrier lives for about 13 years. 

French bulldogs often face issues related to the eyes, back, or heart. When you feed a French bulldog too much, they tend to become more obese if they do not indulge in physical exercise. The average lifespan is for about ten years. 

Although both breeds ask for more food, it is essential that you do not overfeed them and keep their physical activity in check. 

Regarding exercise, it is recommended that you take them out for daily walks during the evening or morning. 

Boston Terrier Vs. French Bulldog – Adaptability

French bulldogs and Boston Terriers are both adaptable breeds with subtle differences.

Urban Environment 

Both of these breeds do not need extensive physical exercise, unlike other breeds, such as the Labrador. Therefore, they can easily adapt to the urban environment. 

Since French bulldogs have low energy temperaments, they are very well suited for apartment living in urban areas. However, the Boston Terriers still require regular exercise, and they should be encouraged to indulge in physical activities. 

Both of these breeds can adapt well to new living situations. 


Both of these breeds are comfortable in hot as well as cold climatic conditions. However, Boston Terriers may face more risks in hot climates as they could suffer dehydration and heatstroke. French bulldogs, on the other hand, are exceptionally comfortable in warm climates. 

The short coat of both these breeds makes it very difficult to sustain in extremely cold weather.

Boston Terrier Vs. French Bulldog – Temperament




These two breeds have compassionate personalities and are considered great companion dogs. 

The Boston Terrier is known to adore anybody and everybody who gives them even the slightest bit of affection. On the other hand, French bulldogs are generally picky with their affection. They choose who they want to like. 

French bulldogs are great with families, but when it’s about other pets, especially cats or smaller dogs, they do not get along with them. They need to be well-socialized and trained to be around little children and other pets. 

Boston Terriers can be furballs full of energy and happiness, but they can be calm if that’s what their families prefer. They love to tag along on trips and adventurous activities. 

French bulldogs, however, are more of a couch potato. They like to spend the day resting in an air-conditioned room. 

They can both suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long. But French bulldogs get extra clingy and can not be left alone like that. 

Boston Terrier Vs. French Bulldog – Training 

A Boston Terrier is eager to learn and is relatively less stubborn in terms of learning new things. They wish to please their owners with good work. 

But French bulldogs are stubborn when it comes to training. 

These breeds rely on compassion and bond with their people. Hence, it is advised that when you train them, make sure to be patient. 

French bulldogs need to get socialization training because they have a more reserved nature. However, Boston Terriers are naturally friendly with others. 

Boston Terrier Vs. French Bulldog Price 

When you are looking to buy a new canine friend, the breed you wish to purchase plays a key role in determining the price you have to pay. 

Over the past few years, the popularity of Frenchies has increased extensively. That makes Boston Terriers less expensive than the French bulldogs. 

Boston Terriers would be around $1000-2000 or more, while a French Bulldog should cost you around $1500-3500 on average.

Boston Terriers Vs. Pugs Vs. French Bulldog 




All three of these breeds are quite identical in more than just one aspect. They have great adaptability to city living, but none of them are great when it comes to extreme weather conditions. Also, none of these breeds can be exhausted with too much physical exercise. 

All three of them are considered great family dogs that love to spend time with the people they love. All of them might seem identical in so many ways, but they are very different. 

Pugs shed more, which makes them a bit high maintenance. They are the worst at coping with weather conditions. They can be quite stubborn when it comes to exercising and other physical activities. 

Regarding Boston Terriers, they are easy to train and playful dog breeds. Their energy levels are higher compared to the other two canines. They are easy to maintain and groom. These dogs have great adaptability and are major people pleasers. So, that can be helpful. 

French bulldogs have become really popular in the past decade. They are basically your lazy couch buddy. They do not need extensive physical activities, nor do they have such high energy levels. Frenchies are great with families, but they tend to stay reserved around strangers. 

All three of them are similar but also a bit different. So, the debate about Boston Terrier vs. pugs vs. French bulldog ends with a tie. They’re all great companion dogs and have lots of love to give.

Summing Up 

Both of these breeds are exceptionally great friends to their humans. They’re loving, and if trained right, they even have the potential to be good with kids. 

If you plan on buying any one of them, consider what we covered in the above article. Enlist the pros and cons of each one of these and then make the decision. They’re all fun to be with, but your lifestyle will decide whichever one suits you the best. 

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