French Bulldog Crying – How to Stop It?

Are you tired of your French Bulldog’s crying throughout the night? Puzzled about the cause and how to stop it? It is only natural for French Bulldogs to make noises such as whining or yowling, demonstrating displeasure or distress.

Your Frenchie may be crying out due to an irritated tummy or the need to go outside and do its business. It is also probable that your pup merely seeks your notice. If these aren’t the problem, there is most likely a medical problem which may require either a surgery or an easy home cure.

In this article, find out why you shouldn’t overlook when your French bulldog is crying.

Why do French bulldogs cry so much?

Have you ever wondered why French bulldogs seem to cry all the time? These adorable little creatures are not known for barking excessively, but it’s not uncommon to hear them let out a loud scream from time to time.

As an owner, it can be heartbreaking to see your pet crying. However, instead of getting emotional, we need to understand the reason behind these heartbreaking screams.


Behavioral Problems

One potential cause of excessive crying in French bulldogs is a behavioral problem. They are smart creatures and often realize that they can get what they want by making a commotion. This is especially true in young puppies who are just learning how to communicate.

If we encourage this behavior, it could become a serious issue as your pet starts screaming more and more often. We need to act fast to prevent it from turning into a behavioral problem.

Separation Anxiety

Another potential cause of French bulldog crying is separation anxiety. These little dogs love human attention and dislike being on their own for too long. Missing someone or fearing being left alone can lead to excessive crying and even severe cases of dog separation anxiety.



Allergies could also be the reason behind all the tears. French bulldogs are known to have higher allergy risks than other breeds, due in part to environmental factors such as dust, pollution, pollen, and dirt. Allergies can cause extreme irritation and leave your pet screaming in discomfort.

Blocked Tear Ducts

Lastly, when we see our furry friend tearing up and crying, it could indicate physical health issues such as eye infections or blocked tear ducts. These conditions must be treated before they worsen.

Although our beloved pets cannot cry like humans do for emotional reasons – as their tears always come as a result of an internal factor – we must take appropriate steps to help them and make sure they do not feel any discomfort.


How to prevent French bulldog crying?

How to prevent French bulldog crying


Understanding the reason for why your French Bulldog is crying is paramount to finding the best solution to your pup’s plight. There are a variety of potential causes, from behavioral issues to asthma. No matter what the source, some careful management and love can help bring your pup back to their normal, happy selves.


Solutions for Behavioral Problems

In order to curb your pup’s vocalization due to behavior problems, it is important to first comprehend the root of their outbursts. Are they crying in an attempt to seek attention, or have they become bored? Understanding this basic notion can help devise a plan that works best for you and your Frenchie. It is essential not to give in; although trying, it will only exacerbate the cry-outs.


Solution for Separation Anxiety

Relieving symptoms of separation anxiety may take some time, hence patience is key here. You will want to introduce commands such as “Sit”, “Stay” and “Quiet” in order to teach your pup that there’s nothing wrong with momentarily being apart. This way you can ensure that their crying ceases when in another room.


For Allergic Reactions

In order to protect against allergic reactions such as those caused by toxins, dust, dirt and pollen particles, it is imperative to keep them away from these elements if possible. Double-check all foods have no ingredients which they may be allergic too beforehand – simple steps like this can avert heartache down the line!


For Eye Infections

To heal eye infections caused by blocked tear ducts or dirt build-up, vet-recommended eye drops or antibacterial tear stain remover solutions used with a cotton ball will do the trick! It’s advisable to administer washing-up with mild soap and warm water on a regular basis in order to stave off any future issues related vision health.


French Bulldog Crying Final Words

It is clear that when an issue arises with your beloved French Bulldog pointing straight for a cause can make all the difference when seeking treatment – better yet, acting before any issues even occur! Ensuring your pup has ample nourishment and loves never fails; no pup should ever leave feeling like there’s something missing from their life!

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