French Bulldog Dermatitis

French bulldogs are a loveable breed, small but enough to brighten up even the biggest of homes.

But taking care of your furry friend is a different matter altogether. Even a slight sickness can make a doggy tired, dull, and weak. Plus, curing these sicknesses is expensive as well. And we don’t want that, do we?

That’s why we’ve compiled this easy-to-read guide on French Bulldog dermatitis, its symptoms, and remedies to cure it, so you don’t have to face the hassle of repeated trips to the vet, the huge expenses, and the stress on the family.

Although dogs are safe from several infections and diseases that only happen to humans, that doesn’t mean they’re a hundred percent safe from sickness. One of the most common afflictions found in French bulldogs is French Bulldog Dermatitis.

What is French Bulldog Dermatitis?

Like us, dogs have certain allergies as well. Dogs can be allergic to a number of different things, and it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint what exactly is happening to your furry pal.

French Bulldog Dermatitis is a condition that causes a dog’s immune system to become sensitive to a certain type of material, causing it to overreact. This disease goes by several names: atopic dermatitis, allergic inhalant dermatitis, atopic eczema, and immune-mediated skin hypersensitivity.

Symptoms of this affliction are as follows:

  • Severe itching
  • Skin infection
  • Oily or flaky skin
  • Parasites
  • Cuts on the skin
  • Constantly irritated behavior

How do I cure French Bulldog Dermatitis?




Several different ways can help keep your doggie allergy free.

The first step is to try finding out what your dog is allergic to. This might be something in their diet, some shampoo you bought for them recently, or a whole lot of other things.

Changing your Frenchie’s diet

If your Frenchie usually eats beef or chicken-based dishes, try serving them something else, like lamb or fish. This might help you find out whether the reaction is happening from the doggie’s diet.

Some veterinarians also suggest shifting your dog onto a raw diet. This is because some dogs might be allergic to select ingredients in dog food. Artificial flavors, preservatives, and grains can all be a factor in creating a reaction in your doggie’s immune system.

Using supplements also helps improve your Frenchie’s skin and health, resulting in a healthier coat and better skin quality. Supplements like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, along with vitamin supplements, can help keep sickness at bay.

Get some protective clothing

Getting your Frenchie some protective clothing, like cotton pajamas, can help protect him from dirtier environments. We’ve dropped a few options below that you can check out if you want to get some clothing for your dog.

iChoue Cotton Sweatshirt for Frenchie





You can easily put this cotton shirt on your Frenchie when you take it out for a walk and keep it safe from dust, dirt, and anything else that might cause a reaction.

The jacket is 100% cotton, can easily be machine washed, and the zipper is designed so that the doggie’s hair doesn’t get caught in the zipper.

Fitwarm French Bulldog Pajamas


Fitwarm French Bulldog Pajamas



These pajamas are 100% cotton and are very lightweight, making them ideal for your Frenchie. They can be very soft and will provide a comfortable fit for your pup. The V-neck design also reduces pressure on the neck, making it easier for the Frenchie to breathe.


If the situation is very difficult, you might prefer to go for certain types of medication to keep your pup healthy.

Medical shampoos can be bought at any veterinarian store, which can help solve your Frenchies’ skin or coat problems, and regular usage of these shampoos might actually solve the issue!

Allergy medication is also an option, and these dampen the immune system, making it harder for it to be hypersensitive to certain triggers. These can be administered via shots or allergy drops that can be given to your dog orally.

Some General Advice

Aside from the stuff we mentioned, we also advise you to do the following things regularly.

Whenever you go out for a walk with your Frenchie, always make sure to keep an eye on them and don’t let them run off into unfamiliar territory. The outdoors are full of different chemicals, and most of these can cause a reaction on your Frenchie’s skin.

When you return from your walk, clean your doggie properly. This involves giving them a complete wipe down of their face, stomach, paws, and armpits since these places are the most open.

Clean your house with pet-friendly chemicals, and stay away from toxic cleaning products that can be fatal for your pup since they would be walking on the same floor and might come into contact with those chemicals.

And if none of the following remedies work, then it might be time to get a professional opinion. We really hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, then your vet might be your best bet for your pup’s health.

Well, that’s it! We hope this guide was helpful, and we hope you find the best solution to keep your Frenchie healthy and that it stays in the best of health!

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