French Bulldog Exercise

French Bulldogs, with their cuddly personality, are a beloved and popular breed among small dogs. They have a flat faces, affectionate nature, and love sleeping all day. Not only that, bulldogs are adaptable to the environment, and their playful personality touches your heart and soul.  

But if you plan to adopt one, you also need to learn about French bulldog exercises. Just like the human body, dogs need to exercise to stay healthy and fit. You want your companion to be with you for a long, long time.  

French bulldogs with bat ears love socializing with other breeds of dogs and human babies. Use this to the advantage of your dog’s health. They are active breeds who are fast, love playing endlessly, and are eager for evening walks.  

Therefore, please make a list of French bulldog exercises for your canine friend and keep them active and healthy for years to come. Here, you will explore French bulldog exercise both indoors and outdoors. You will also learn a few tips to help your dog stay active.  


How Much Exercise Does an Adult French Bulldog Need?




It is crucial to note that French bulldogs have flat faces, which can cause severe problems with breathing. So, to avoid risking any harm, ensure that you take your Frenchie for a slow and short walk. Even if your companion walks for 60 minutes a day, he will be fit and healthy.  

Besides, playing with them will also fulfill your French Bulldog exercise needs. So, keep a count on their exercise in a day to avoid an extra burden on your Frenchie. If you’re worried about keeping count, well, you don’t have to.

We have a monitor for you. Pitpat is a special dog monitor designed to record their activities like running, walking, and playing. It makes life easier for your French bulldog and you. You worry less and play with a healthy mind with your dog by leaving the calculation work on the monitor.  


How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Puppy Need?




Exercise for French bulldogs or any other breed is essential. But all dogs are different, and the plan for their workout should be according to their age, just like humans. To be precise, French puppies are delicate, with no need for formal exercise.

They do look full of energy, but that should not mean overexercising. As the French bulldog grows, keep the exercise limited to 5 minutes every month. For instance, if your French bulldog is three months old, keep the exercise for 15 minutes.

A drawback of overexercising is that it causes mobility issues and joint pains soon. It is not something you want your puppy to deal with at any point in time. Just like human babies, your French bulldog puppy needs to spend time exploring, eating, and sleeping enough.

Give your puppy the time and energy needed to explore the world and share your best moments with them. Let your dog meet new people and animals but don’t compromise on hygiene and safety. As the puppy grows, you can gradually increase the exercise for your French bulldog.  

To figure out how much exercise you need to increase, go to Pitpat app and let it do the work for you while you enjoy a meal with your French bulldog.  


How Much Exercise Does an Old French Bulldog Need?  

As your French bulldog grows older, you need to ensure a little reduction in its exercise routine. It is important to slow down with age. All dogs are different, but all dogs’ age and avoiding extra baggage on them is important. 

A highlighting factor is that some French bulldogs are prone to overexercising because they don’t know when to stop. Their love for walking is so great that it’s difficult for them to understand their own body needs.  

As a dog owner, it is where you need to see if your franchise is getting out of breath or stiff. If your companion struggles or trails behind, it’s time to get him home for some rest. Ensure to reduce the long walks to short ones. 

If it is difficult for you to keep track, use Pitpat to change the exercise goals as per the age of your French bulldog.  


How to Engage Your French Bulldog in Activities?

Like humans need to keep their body and minds busy not to go insane, so does dogs. Be it any breed, the busier your dog is, the healthier they come to be. Enriching your French bulldog with different games and activities is a useful way to help them grow.  

Your French dog might attack your furniture if bored or when left alone. If you want to avoid buying a new set of sofas, make sure to keep him busy. There are tons of games you can play with him. Some of the indoor games are below: 

  • Hide and seek  
  • Snuffle mats 
  • Interactive toys 
  • Lickimats 
  • Food puzzles 
  • Kongs 
  • Blow bubbles 


What to Take Care of while Exercising Your French Bulldog?




It is important to highlight that regulating the body temperature of bulldogs is difficult compared to other dog breeds. So, if you’re giving your Frenchie an outdoor exercise, ensure to go out in cool weather. Avoid noon time as it can be harmful to your breed.  

A temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the best for bulldogs. During summers, keep a cool temperature at your home with the help of an air conditioner or coolers. While you keep yourself hydrated on your walk with the franchise, carry extra water for them and shade in case of emergencies.  

Take extra care while your bulldog walks on roads or in parks. They tend to change their behavior and as a dog owner, you are responsible for checking their well-being. If the French bulldogs start to pant heavily, it is a sign of exhaustion from the heat. 

In such a scenario, immediately stop walking, get your bulldog to a shade and let his temperature cool down. After some time, give him some water to cool and relax. You can keep a check on your bulldog’s behavior to learn about their pace and limits.  


Summing Up

The one word to answer the exercise regime of your French bulldog is balance. As we mentioned earlier, each dog is different, with its own set of capabilities and limits. The more time you spend, the more you learn about your bulldog’s pace. 

You can adjust the exercise according to their age and slow down with time. Don’t be too hard on your dear companion. If your track record is not up to mark, you can use the Pitpat app to ensure safety.  

Regular exercise is healthy, and so is the fitness of the mind. Keep your French bulldog engaged through socialization and physical activities. 

Both indoor and outdoor activities can do wonders for a dog’s health. Stay active and strive for a balance for your French bulldog.  

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