French Bulldog Personality And Temperament Traits: All You Need To Know

French Bulldogs, popularly known as ‘Frenchie,’ are great companions for humans due to their distinct personalities. So if you have decided to get one Frenchie home, you may need to know A-Z of their behavior and personality.

These miniature versions of bulldogs have become a hit among all dog-lovers. They are a small but rounded bunch of excitement and are sure to keep you on your toes throughout the day.

Dogs, as we know, are the best mates for us humans who bring immense joy to our rather monotonous life. However, depending on the personality of a specific breed, you can decide if they will fit in your family or not.

French Bulldog personality is unique, and they are great family dogs. Though they may have a gloomy look, they are the most amusing and friendly breeds you will encounter.

Want to know more about our Frenchie friend? Read along for more interesting facts about this adorable canine.

How Did the Frenchie Come into Existence?

French Bulldogs have always maintained an image of an adaptive and fun dog dating back to history. Toy-sized bulldogs were pretty prevalent in the Nottingham city of England and kept as family dogs for ages.

Later they were cross-bred with other breeds like pugs and terriers, hence the unique look. These dogs became a darling of all, and almost every household in Europe and the US had one Frenchie.

Their playful and rare personality has charmed many city people to keep them as pets. They are low-key but still do not leave any room to grab your attention. If you are ready to accommodate an attention-seeking dog, then Frenchies could be a desirable option for you!

French Bulldog Personality Traits and Temperament




If you have a pet bulldog at home or ever played with one of them, you would have noticed two distinct personality traits. Few of them are pretty attentive and calm, whereas few others are stubborn and overly excited.

The reason behind this pattern can also be because of different stages of growth and development. These intelligent breeds can be great companions if you stay alone or have a big family. Why? As they can adjust well to any given environment.

French Bulldogs are free-spirited creatures who love to hop around the house. Though he may not be a great partner for your morning jogs, he will always be ready for a walk in the park.

There is so much to know and understand about this ball of fur that will persuade you to get one home today itself!

Packed with exceptional personality traits, Frenchies are sure to win your heart. But before you get swayed by their adorable face and eccentric appeal, it is crucial to understand a bit more about this breed:


If you live in an apartment and are concerned about making room for a pet, Frenchie is the ideal option. Apart from their small stature, French Bulldogs are even calm and quiet and refrain from barking unnecessarily.

Exceptional French bulldog personality makes it a perfect furry friend for a big and small house.


French bulldogs, especially the older ones, have an air of intelligence and smartness around them. You should notice this next time when you meet one! They are the most intuitive and bright dogs among the other bulldog breeds.

Though they have a low attention span, they can be trained well by the dog owners.

Energy Level

So do not expect your French bulldog pup to be all calm and composed when you get them home. The will be a big ball of enthusiasm, playfulness, and a bit handful. They can easily find their way out to chew your mats or shoes, probably everything possible!

However, as they grow older, they may become reluctant to play around daily with you or their other animal friends. But, even with this, your Frenchie may leave no opportunity to leap on a guest in your house or get attention for some more belly rubs.


French Bulldogs are sensitive and affectionate dogs who will always make you feel important to them. They prefer to showcase their attachment towards their human friend willingly rather than bottle up like a cat.

Separation Anxiety




Do French Bulldogs get attached to one person? To an extent, it is true. Though known to be independent, French Bulldogs can feel anxious and depressed if left alone for long. Likewise, your Frenchie may feel all alone and left out if it prolongs for a long time.

Stubbornness and Aggression

It is the most common French bulldog personality temperament you can expect from them. However, as the Frenchies mature, they tend to be more stubborn, and it can be a chore for the dog owners to manage them.

Training them appropriately at an early stage of their growth is needed to avoid any destructive or aggressive behavior in the future.

Easy to Train

Your Frenchie will be a handful to train when they are a pup, but let that not stop you. It is essential to train the bulldogs at an early stage of development that will help in managing their stubbornness, aggression, and even hyper-activities.

These docile canine friends are intelligent, and hence training them will not be very challenging.

French Bulldog Personality Final Thoughts

The personality traits of French Bulldogs are striking and desirable for many dog owners. These mischievous, stubborn, yet affectionate and loving breeds are already everyone’s favored pet.

French Bulldogs are an exceptional addition for your family with their big expressive eyes and wrinkled nose with upright recognizable ears. So ready to get a dignified dog to your house?

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