French Bulldog Price: How Much Does A Frenchie Cost?

The French bulldog is one of the most adorable breeds of dogs to exist! It is known for its affectionate temperament and family-friendly disposition. Are you thinking of getting one home? Then, the first and foremost factor that you will have to consider is the French bulldog price.

The French bulldog puppies price is premium, as they are a purebred variety of dogs. Let us analyze the different aspects that you should consider before finalizing your decision to make these cute puppers family!


The Different Expenses To Consider

The cost of nurturing a dog includes multiple different expenditures. It is not limited solely to the price of the puppy. The different costs involved in the upbringing of a French bulldog are given below.

French Bulldog Price

The average French bulldog price range is between $1500-$3500. This range is vast because it can vary greatly based on the location, the quality of the breed lines, the color patterns on the dog’s fur, etc.

It doesn’t stop here! The price of the purest breed lines with a remarkable breeding history can scale even higher. Purebred French bulldog average price is usually between $5500-$10,000.

If this price seems a bit too expensive for you, the option of adoption is always available! Adopting a French bulldog or a Frenchie mix will cost you roughly around $500.

Food Expenses For A French Bulldog

A French bulldog is petite by size. Therefore, it will not require excessive quantities of feed. On average, a French bulldog will consume about 2.5 cups of food per day. This limit is unlikely to exceed for most dogs of this breed.

This quantity is optimal for their routine and activity status. However, certain dogs might require more or less based on their size and food consumption level. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian before finalizing the feed quantity.

Premium quality food for your French bulldog will generally cost around $3 for a pound. One pound will serve up to 4 cups of dog food. Therefore, a 30-pound bag will run by for 120 cups of dog food. It will cost you $55 generally and will last for two months.

When we calculate all of these expenses totally, you will be incurring a little less than $28 per month for your dog’s food expenses in total. To pamper these cuties more, you can invest in a bag of treats for $10!

Veterinary Expenses For A French Bulldog

The French bulldog price includes a major expense: veterinary bills for keeping your little puppy healthy! The French bulldog is prone to specific health conditions, many of which are attributed to the unique shape of its skull.

The type of skull of the French bulldog is medically known as brachycephalic. Nothing to worry about! It just implies that the skull of this dog is shorter and flatter than most other dogs. This skull type can pave the way to a variety of breathing issues.

Skin allergies are another problem that French bulldogs are prone to. This issue is due to their wrinkled skin. If neglected, dirt often accumulates in the crevices of their skin. This condition might lead to rashes and bouts of allergies for your dog.

Neutering, deworming, and dental care are some of the other areas that require extensive care. Hence, it is important to constantly check in with a veterinarian to ensure that your bulldog is living its best life!

A prominent pet insurance company has listed the cost of treatment for the most common ailments faced by French bulldogs.




Entropion $300-$1,500
Hip Dysplasia $1,500-$6,000
IVDD $2,500-$7,000

Training Expenses For A French Bulldog




French bulldog is very intelligent and obedient. However, if you require further assistance and training in rearing these puppers, you can invest in a dog trainer to simplify the task at hand.

The training cost for a French bulldog can range up to $125 for a one-hour session. It can go on for 4-8 weeks based on your dog’s capacity. The cost of toys and other sources of recreation for your dog is also a major expense.

Insurance Expenses For A French Bulldog

Another major component of the French bulldog price is buying insurance for your puppy. As mentioned earlier, Frenchies are prone to several health conditions. Therefore, they require a lot of care and attention.

One way you can secure their well-being without last-minute hassles is by insuring them for medical expenses. Here’s a rough scheme to determine the insurance you will require.




8 Weeks $60 per month
4 Years $80 per month
10 Years $150 per month


Prior to this cost, you will also have to pay a deductible. It will be highly expensive, ranging up to a price of almost $600-$700. However, if you can shell out a few extra bucks initially, you might save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.

Overall Calculation

Considering all of these costs, we can land a rough estimate of the monthly expense that a French bulldog will cost you. Taking the food, veterinary, training, and insurance costs together, your Frenchie will cost you close to $2000 per month for maintenance.


Why Are French Bulldogs Expensive?




French bulldogs are far from cheap – they are one of the most popular premium-priced dog breeds worldwide. What features do they attribute this hefty sum to? The different reasons behind this factor are analyzed in detail.

Intensive Breeding Techniques

Breeding French bulldogs involves rigorous processes that are labor-intensive and heavily time-consuming. Since they are a purebred variety, a lot of care and detail goes into their breeding customs. Breeders face a lot of issues in the process, and overcoming them is vital.

Most breeders opt to use studs for artificial insemination over natural breeding. This practice ensures that the puppy is of the highest quality possible. C-section is the most commonly used delivery technique for breeding. So, ensuring the safety of the mother is extremely important.

After birth, breeders perform multiple tests on the puppies to ensure that they are free of any history of genetic health conditions. These tests are expensive, and the price is often included in the overall sum you pay for your puppy.

It is also important to make sure that the breeder you contact is legitimate and is not shady in any aspect of the breeding. Some breeders use cheap techniques to rear the puppies, which might have serious implications later on.

It is best to conduct a thorough background check on the breeder of your choice. You can also collect testimonials from other dog owners who purchased their puppies from that particular breeder.

Rare Fur Coloring

Unlike most dogs that come in limited colors, Frenchies are present in a wide range of fur colors. Black, white, and brown are the most commonly observed fur colors for French bulldogs. However, it is not all!

Unique fur colors like lilac, blue, and chocolate are some of the rare fur colors of a French bulldog. The most expensive French bulldog in existence is Micro Machine. His price is well above $10,000 due to the blue color of his fur and orange eyes.


Another reason for the exclusive pricing of French bulldogs is their scarce availability. Most cities worldwide do not have many breeding centers for French bulldogs when compared to other breeds.

The supply-demand gap is pretty wide with this breed. This factor lands them with a price tag that is higher than the average puppy breeding cost. It also helps to maintain the exclusivity of the breed.

Another issue with Frenchie puppies is that not all breeders breed the purest breed of puppies. Many of them do not perform the correct steps in breeding an authentic puppy, leading to different dog health conditions.


Why Should I Opt For A French Bulldog?




In continuation with the discussion regarding French bulldog price, let us look at some of the reasons why a French bulldog might be the best option for you.

Children And Family-Friendly

One of the first traits that most pet owners try to look for is the calm and friendly nature of the dog. Pet owners who have kids at home and wish to get a good playmate for their children in the form of pets can opt for French bulldogs without any doubt!

They are gentle and playful and are extremely cautious and observant around kids. They are also great with other pets, and you can get them if you desire to own multiple pets at home. However, there may be ego clashes at times, and proper training and understanding between the animals are mandatory.

Manageable Energy Levels

French bulldogs are a low-energy species of dogs. They require minimum exercise and are not very aggressive. Thus, if you are a busy professional and have little time to spare for the physical training of a dog, the French bulldog will be perfect for you.

Training is crucial, though. French bulldogs can be stubborn at times. They will require disciplined training from professionals when they are big enough to listen to commands and respect them.


Summing It Up

If you are looking for a premium puppy with a gentle disposition, the French bulldog is here for you! The expenses involved in their breeding and maintenance are indeed high. So, it is important to conduct thorough research from your end to ensure that you do not fall prey to scams.

Adoption is the best alternative to breeding if you want to own a French bulldog but do not have the budget for it. Giving a dog a home that really needs it could be one of the best decisions of your life!

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