French Bulldog Sleeping Patterns

It is no secret that French bulldogs are a very active and energetic breed! They love to play around with their owners, and there is no activity that they will shy away from!

However, you need to know how much your Frenchie is sleeping. There is a difference between normal and heavy amounts of sleeping, and it’s better to know that your furry companion is healthy!

That’s why we’ve compiled this easy-to-read guide on your French bulldog sleeping. So, let’s get into it!

Do French bulldogs sleep a lot?

Yes! Frenchies are known for their long naps and extended sleep cycles. This is mainly because French bulldogs are an indoor breed and are not exactly suited for outdoor activities.

You will often find your Frenchie relaxing or lounging around the house, and that’s normal!

How long do French bulldogs sleep?




When we talk about how many hours French bulldogs sleep, different factors affect how often do French bulldogs sleep. The average sleeping time for an adult French bulldog is around 12 to 14 hours per day.

This amount varies according to different factors, which we’ve talked about below.

What factors affect French Bulldog sleeping?

Several things can affect the amount of time your dog spends sleeping and how often they take a nap. The main factors behind this are:


How old your Frenchie is will directly affect how much they want to sleep. Frenchies tend to sleep a lot when they are puppies. Frenchie puppies can sleep for around 18-19 hours per day.

However, as they slowly enter adulthood, your Frenchie will start sleeping less. They might sleep around 12 to 14 hours (as mentioned before).

As your Frenchie gets older, they will start sleeping more. Since Frenchies can easily tire, they will require more sleep as they enter their later years.

Amount of exercise

If you have your Frenchie exercise regularly, you might notice that they rest more. This is because Frenchies are not supposed to go through heavy exercise. They are more suited to a laid-back lifestyle and will sleep a lot more if they exercise a lot.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have them exercise! Frenchies should be given a little exercise regularly to keep them healthy and fit. Redundant lifestyles can lead to health problems like obesity, and it’s best to avoid that by regularly exercising your dog.

You can take them out for walks or have them run around the house. This will regulate their health, and they will also have a more active lifestyle!

Significant life events

Like humans, Frenchies affected by life-changing events will sleep more. An example of this can be:

  • Transition to a new home
  • Giving birth
  • Death of a companion
  • Separation from owner
  • A drastic change in the owners schedule

Frenchies are also known to be attached. This can cause issues like separation anxiety when they are kept away from their owners for extended periods of time.

When do French Bulldogs sleep through the night?




Usually, adult Frenchies will sleep throughout the night, but Frenchie puppies can have some trouble sleeping at night. This gets better as your Frenchie enters adulthood, and most puppies will sleep easily through the night when they’re as old as 4 months.

Regulating your Frenchie’s sleep schedule might be important if you don’t want your Frenchie to stay up the night.

Actively play with your Frenchie throughout the day, and play with them a few hours before their sleeping time. This will tire your Frenchie out and they will sleep soundly to regain all that spent energy!

Symptoms and reasons behind low amount of sleep

There are instances where your Frenchie is having trouble sleeping, and this can be because of several issues. For example:


Taking puppies away from their mothers can stress them out, which is why it is required to let the initial growth period of the puppy occur in the presence of the mother.


If your Frenchie is in pain, they might not be able to sleep properly. You should make sure that your Frenchie isn’t hurt or bleeding.

Several other factors can include depression, sickness, hormonal imbalance, and sleep apnea. If you notice your pup is having the following symptoms, then it may be cause for concern:

  • Staying awake for more than 10 hours
  • Staying awake for extended periods at night
  • Difficulty in staying up and sleeping more than 15 hours a day (if they’re an adult Frenchie)

Tips for improving your Frenchie’s sleep




Try keeping your Frenchie comfortable. You can allow potty-trained Frenchies to sleep in your bed if they are facing anxiety or separation-related stress.

Make sure that your Frenchie has a comfortable sleeping space. If your Frenchie sleeps in a crate, try to cover it from the top and sides, leaving only one side open. This will help them feel safer, and they will sleep easily.

The bedding you use for your Frenchie’s sleeping space should also be very comfortable. Try using soft materials, like fluffy blankets. This process is more of a testing process since some Frenchies actually like sleeping on hard surfaces.

Is snoring OK for my Frenchie?

Frenchies snore a lot! It is completely normal for them to snore. However, if your Frenchie recently started snoring in their sleep, it may be a sign that they’re gaining weight.

Should I let my Frenchie sleep in my bed regularly?

Although letting them sleep once in a while might be okay, it’s better to train them to sleep separately. We recommend this for a number of reasons.

Frenchies can disturb your sleep by their snoring, and they fart in their sleep as well. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night from disgusting smells.

If you’re allergic, then it’s a definite no to letting your dog sleep in bed with you. Dogs shed a lot, and it will only cause further health problems for you.

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