How To Clean French Bulldog Ears: The Guide

Can you believe that the smush-faced French bulldogs have become one of the world’s most popular canines? study showed French bulldogs have grown in popularity in the US, for example. French bulldogs make great companion dogs and are easy to care for. However, all the owners face one problem: How to clean French bulldog ears?

This article has it all covered, even if you’re wondering how to clean French bulldog puppy ears!

Should You Clean French Bulldogs Ears?

Yes. It is important to clean the ears of any dog to avoid the accumulation of dirt. 

Ear cleaning is required for all dog breeds, but it is particularly important for Frenchies. Due to their large ear shape, their ear canals are constantly exposed to allergens, plant fragments, and dirt.

A few French bulldogs with healthy ears may never even need to be cleaned!

While cleansing your Frenchie’s ears is important, excessive washing can irritate the ear canal and lead to infection.

Here are some irritants that get deposited in their ears:

  • Dirt or dust
  • Pollen and plant parts
  • Algae and bacteria
  • Mites and ticks

Note: French Bulldog owners should pay close attention to ear cleaning and the hygiene of their folds. 

Why Do You Need To Clean French Bulldog Ears?




Before we get to ‘how to clean French bulldog ears’, let’s begin with why we need to do this.

There are many reasons why dogs’ ears need to be cleaned. As for French bulldogs, their ears need special attention too.

Here are some reasons you should pay heed to their bat-shaped ears. 

  • To avoid dirt accumulation, which can contribute to ear infections. 
  • To keep away plant fragments, dirt, and other debris out of their ears.
  • Some Frenchies have a weakened immune system and are more prone to allergies. Their ear hygiene is crucial in this situation.
  • Some excessively scratch their ears that cause bleeding. 

Now we know that the ears of a French bulldog not only attract attention! They also accumulate a lot of dirt. Any owner of this cute dog must clean their ears on a regular basis.

How Often To Clean French Bulldogs Ears?

If Frenchie’s folds aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, they get dark and wet, making them vulnerable to infection. But how regularly should their ears be cleaned?

The amount of time you need to clean your French Bulldog’s ears is determined by its location, age, and wax production. 

For the ordinary Frenchie, twice a month would be ideal, as a certain amount of natural build-up is helpful for ear protection. Make sure you keep your distance from the eardrum. The ear canals of dogs are not as simple as those of humans.

Cleaning their ears is vital, but you should not overdo it. 

Using an ear-cleaning product twice a month is sufficient. In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for any trapped debris and pay attention to your dog’s behavior.

If your baby begins to scratch its ears excessively and gets stinky, it has developed an ear infection. There are signs for everything, and you just need to be on the lookout, keep a check. If you find something fishy, go ahead, take a better look, and begin the cleaning process. 

The fur in the ear canal may also obstruct the passage of air sometimes. So snip or pluck the hair inside your Bulldog’s ear on a regular basis. 

What Tools Do I Need To Clean French Bulldog Ears?




With the concern of how to clean French bulldog ears, owners often forget what to do them with. 

Cleaning your dog’s ears with water is fine as long as you dry them completely afterward. However, some tools are important for cleaning their ears. Here’s a list that will come in handy. 

  • It’s enough to wipe off the outer flaps with a baby wipe.
  • For the interior, you can use some good solution drops. 
  • Cotton balls are a great tool for wiping dirt.
  • You can use a sodium chloride 0.9% solution for the dirt removal. 
  • Apple cider vinegar works great but must be diluted, with 70 percent of it being water. 

The French bulldog breed is also prone to ear yeast infection. Again, the strong scent of popcorn is generally one of the first indicators.

Antifungal medications should be used to treat it, and the afflicted area of a dog’s body must be cleaned. If you think it’s worse, get a checkup done immediately. 

How To Clean French Bulldog Ears?

Cleaning your Frenchie’s ears might not be as easy as it seems. We understand that your dog might be afraid after seeing you with cotton balls and some weird ‘stuff.’ 

The last thing you need to do is scare your dog. As a result, educating a Frenchie to be quiet and comfortable during ear cleaning should be done in stages. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide you can try for optimum results. 

  • Take a cotton ball and approach your Frenchie. Let them sniff it and be a little playful. 
  • Let them learn to relax and sit in one position. 
  • Then, take a cotton ball and dip it in whatever solution you use. You may also use a damp baby wipe to clean out the dog’s outer ear as a substitute.
  • Gently open your dog’s ear canal. 
  • Put in some ear drops from the inner ear solution. Make sure this is done carefully and not too much falls in. 
  • Then, slowly massage the region around your dog’s ear. After this, give them a minute to shake their head vigorously.
  • Dry your French Bulldog’s outer ear and the entrance of their inner ear with a dry microfiber towel.
  • Do not forget to treat your little baby after the process for their good behavior. 

The scent in your French Bulldog’s ears might occasionally signal a more serious health condition. Call your veterinarian if you detect any other symptoms than the odor.

Also, keep in mind the prime directive. Never, ever put anything random in the ears of your French Bulldog. You will only make the situation worse than it already is. 

How To Distinguish Between Different Types Of Ear Dirt? 

While some of these tiny huggable pets have just some dirt, many are prone to infections. This makes it critical to know what type of dirt your French Bulldog has. 

Several things might cause brown clumps or brown discharge from a dog’s ears. Here are three major ear issues that leave you searching for answers to how to clean French bulldog ears:

  • The Bad Ear Mites: Ear mites can leave your Frenchie’s ears with black, grainy, and crusty patches. They don’t generate any discharge on their own. However, they can develop infections, particularly if your dog has injured itself by scratching excessively. 
  • The Irritating Earwax: A small amount of earwax is typical and healthy for dogs. But if it builds up, it can cause pain, discomfort, smells, and other issues. If your munchkin shakes their head a lot, that’s one of the telltale indications. 
  • The Monstrous Infection: Brown or reddish-brown discharge can be caused by yeast infections. Fungal infections and otitis externa (Swimmer’s ear) are examples of such diseases. It might be an indication of an infection if you detect redness, irritation, bleeding, peeling, or anything else unusual about your dog’s ears.

Now that you are aware of the various ear dangers and how to identify them, you can always be on guard. Just know that excessive cleaning might make matters worse. 

Ear cleaning is a crucial component of their grooming regimen. Therefore, it is essential to find a decent product for it. If you’re concerned about side effects, search for anything manufactured with organic and all-natural components. Also, make sure the pH of the cleaning solution isn’t too high for your dog. 

When Should You Take Your French Bulldog To The Vet?




If you observe any of the following symptoms in your French Bulldog’s ears, visit your veterinarian before cleaning them: 

  • The ear has a strong odor
  • Frequent ear itching or head shaking
  • Any discharge that is black, brown, or yellow, green, or appears red is a sign of inflammation in the ears
  • Swelling around the ear or at the base of the ear
  • Discomfort causes crying and whimpering
  • Loss of equilibrium
  • Hearing loss is a common problem
  • Unusual eye motions
  • Circular walking or head drooping or tilting

Summing Up

We can all agree that the paw prints of Frenchies are left on our hearts. This makes taking care of them really important. 

Since their ears are one of their best features, cleaning them the right way is what you need to do. 

Cleaning the ears of a French bulldog entails much more than simply wiping away the dirt and filth with a cotton swab. You’ll need to commit to a regular grooming program for both the inner and outer canal. Of course, this is if you want your dog to be happy and healthy. 

In the end, give your Frenchie a cause to flash that slobbery grin! 



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