The Best French Bulldog Grooming Tips

While the French Bulldog requires less grooming than other dog breeds, regular brushing is necessary. In this article, we will discuss the best French Bulldog grooming tips. We will also list the best grooming products for French Bulldogs.


The French Bulldog Grooming Guide

French Bulldogs are adorable creatures, and it is incredibly easy to care for the dog, especially regarding grooming. The big ears and short fur of the French Bulldog don’t require a lot of effort, and the dog’s nails and wrinkles only require a bit of maintenance.

However, do French Bulldogs need grooming? Despite the French Bulldog’s minimal upkeeping, the dogs can benefit from the right grooming approach. Here are the best French Bulldog grooming tips:


Develop a Grooming Routine

Grooming routines are essential because they enable the owner to create a bond with the dog. The grooming routine also enables the French Bulldog to smell nice and have sleek and shiny-looking fur.

If you have an old dog, you should take your time and, with the help of positive reinforcement, teach the dog that it shouldn’t be scared of the grooming tools. With patience and time, your furry friend will begin to enjoy the grooming sessions, no matter how old the canine is. So, do French Bulldogs need to be groomed? Yes, they do.

Clean the Fur

The French Bulldog has a short and fine coat. At first glance, that fur doesn’t look like high maintenance especially compared to other breeds, such as Collies or German Shepherds. While the French Bulldog only has one coat, the dog still sheds fur and collects dirt during outdoor adventures.

With the help of a soft medium-bristle French Bulldog grooming brush, distribute the natural skin oil and eliminate the shed hair.

The skin oil maintains the coat’s health, but regular brushing keeps the fur sleek and promotes new hair growth. Unlike dog breeds with heavy shedding and thick coats, you only need to brush your Frenchie once a week.

Clean the Ears

While the French Bulldog has folded ears, dirt can still get stuck in them. The large size of the ears is a magnet for all types of debris and dirt. Part of your grooming routine should consist of examining your dog’s ears, significantly decreasing the chances of the dog developing an ear infection due to the trapped debris.

Clean the Wrinkles

Most dog owners overlook the face wrinkles, but they can trap dirt and debris. The wrinkles are delicate and can even trap moisture during a bath. Both the trapped moisture and dirt can irritate the canine’s skin and cause various infections.

If you use water to clean the dog’s face, thoroughly dry the wrinkles after the bath. This will keep the dog’s face clean and fresh and won’t cause the skin to flare up.

Cut the Nails

All dog owners should clip their dog’s nails regularly. If you walk your dog regularly and live in a city, the concrete flooring will wear down the dog’s nails. However, it is still beneficial to regularly check the length of the nails. While the clicking sound the nails make when they touch the ground is cute, long nails can become uncomfortable for the dog.

You can clip your French Bulldog’s nails in two ways: with a grinder or nail clipper. You will need to introduce these tools to your dog with the help of positive reinforcement. While you can hire a professional to clip the nails, they are expensive.

Brush the Teeth

Since French Bulldog has unique jaw shape, they suffer from various dental problems. You must brush your dog’s teeth regularly, at least three times a week, and this will protect your dog from dental issues such as periodontal disease.

That said, you should use specially-made dog toothpaste and toothbrush. The toothpaste comes in many flavors, such as seafood and chicken.


You don’t need to bathe the French Bulldog every week. If you bathe the dog regularly, it can lead to irritated or dry skin. This dog breed only needs a bath when its fur develops a stinky smell.

The best thing to do is bathe the dog once every month. However, change the shampoo if your furry friend has an allergic reaction.


Best grooming products for French bulldogs?

Here are the best grooming products for your French Bulldog:


Regarding the dog’s dental health, you should never make compromises. One of the best ways to improve Frenchie’s oral health is through a toothbrush. However, choosing the best toothbrush is difficult because French Bulldogs have sensitive and small mouths.

This dog breed has special oral needs, so you must buy the right toothbrush. Please ensure the toothbrush you choose is made from eco-friendly materials and is safe for dogs. You should be able to brush the dog’s teeth without putting your hand in its mouth.

Nail Grinder

The French Bulldog’s nails grow at different rates, but it is essential to maintain the nails. To prevent the dog from developing long nails, use a nail grinder to trim the nails. The nail grinder has low noise and vibration and is safe to use.

The nail grinder comes with an advanced safety lock and is made of high-quality, durable materials. The grinder ensures there is little mess and makes the nail-cutting procedure painless.

Paw Cleaner

If you own a French Bulldog, you probably know they are messy creatures. The dog loves playing in the mud, and its paws are constantly covered in mud. However, the mud creates a mess in the house. To avoid the mess, you should use paw cleaner.

This is a unique dog grooming tool and is a multipurpose product. The paw cleaner will keep the dog’s paws and your floor clean.

Hypoallergenic Shampoos

These shampoos are gentle on the dog’s skin. The hypoallergic shampoo is free of sulfates or parabens that irritate the dog’s skin. This shampoo has few synthetic ingredients and usually consists of these ingredients:

  • Vitamins
  • Aloe
  • Oatmeal
  • Chamomile

These healthy ingredients build up and nourish the skin while helping reduce itchiness and promoting oil production.

What is the best grooming brush for French bulldogs?

If you want to buy the best grooming brush for French Bulldog, here are your options:

W418 Slicker brush by Safari


W418 Slicker brush by Safari



While some dog owners think this brush is only for dogs with several coats, it is also suitable for dogs with one coat. This brush has compact bristles, which grasp the excess dander and loose fur. A unique feature of this dog brush is that it has a self-cleaning mechanism.

The spring button function will enable you to release the dog hair from the bristles quickly. This brush comes in large and medium sizes and can assist with wrist and hand fatigue. Unlike other dog brushes, this Safari brush is an affordable product.

Dog Pin Brush by ConairPRO





This dog brush has an appearance similar to a human brush. This brush is equipped with stainless steel bristle and has a comfortable rubber handle. This brush is designed for daily use and comes in three sizes: Large, medium, and small. The ConairPRO dog brush is a quality product and is designed to last for an extended period of time.

Groomer’s Best Combo Brush by Hartz





This dog brush is a two-sided brush. On one side of the brush, there are nylon bristles. On the other side, the brush is covered with stainless steel pins. The stainless-steel pins are efficient at removing dead fur. The nylon bristles distribute the fur’s natural oil and smoothen the coat.

This Hartz dog brush has an ergonomic handle so that you can use the brush for an extended period of time. This brush is helpful for dogs with short fur, so it is perfect for French Bulldogs.

Dog Brush by Miracle Care





This slicker dog brush is designed to go right through the dog’s fur. This brush is efficient at removing gunk from the dog’s fur. The Miracle Care dog brush has flexible bristles that have a plastic tip. The bristles are gentle on the dog’s skin and don’t cause irritation.

The brush comes with a comfortable handle and has a large head. This dog brush is suitable for both small and large-sized dog breeds.

French Bulldog Slicker Brush by Magic Coat





This is a high-quality slicker brush and is specifically designed for the French Bulldog. This brush eliminates the dander and dirt from the fur. The Magic Coat dog brush is available in two sizes: Medium and small, and comes with a comfortable handle.


In this article, we discussed the best French Bulldog grooming tips. The good news is that the French Bulldog is a low-maintenance dog breed with little grooming needs. We also listed the best grooming products for dogs and explained why they are essential.

Lastly, a grooming session cannot be completed without a brush. At the end of this article, we discussed the best dog brushes for French Bulldogs and listed their features.

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