The Down Syndrome French Bulldog Guide

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal condition in humans, and the condition is associated with certain physical characteristics and cognitive delays. However, is it possible for a French Bulldog to have down syndrome? In this down syndrome French Bulldog guide, we will address this question.

Do French Bulldogs have Down Syndrome?

Genetically, humans and dogs have many similarities, but obviously, there are many differences between the two species. For instance, dogs have 39 chromosomes, while humans have 23 sets.

Down syndrome occurs when there is a partial or full copy of Chromosome 21. However, duplication of all parts of the chromosome will have different effects on dogs and humans. So far, down syndrome condition doesn’t exist in dogs, and here is why: 

  • If there are chromosome abnormalities in French Bulldogs or other dog breeds, it typically leads to death.
  • Genetic testing, which is required to identify down syndrome, has not been done yet in dogs.
  • Down syndrome condition doesn’t exist in dog breeds like the French Bulldog.

Read on to learn more about the Down Syndrome French Bulldog. 

Conditions that are similar to Down Syndrome?

However, developmental or congenital conditions resembling down syndrome are common in French Bulldogs. A good example is Congenital Hypothyroidism. Congenital Hypothyroidism occurs when absent or low thyroid levels at birth or early in the dog’s life. This condition can result in the following:

  • Slow growth in the dog leads to small stature.
  • Protruding and large tongue.
  • Poor muscle tone.
  • Cognitive delays.
  • Short limbs.
  • Delayed opening of ears and eyes.

Some other conditions found in the French Bulldog and other dog breeds that bear a resemblance to down syndrome are:

  • Portosystemic Shunt
  • Growth hormone deficiency
  • Congenital Hydrocephalus
  • Pituitary Dwarfism

If you notice any of these characteristics or traits in your Frenchie, you must take the canine to a vet. The vet will probably get the dog on a diagnostic program to see if the dog has any health problems.

Signs and Symptoms of Dog Syndrome-like conditions in Dogs

While it is rare to see French Bulldogs with down syndrome, Here are some signs and symptoms you need to observe:

Weak Eyesight

Due to poor eye development in French Bulldogs due to conditions similar to down syndrome, French Bulldogs tend to have poor eyesight. The Frenchies are also at risk of developing cataracts in at least one eye. Please constantly observe the dog’s eyes; if you observe cloudiness, take them to the vet.

Unusual Physical or Facial Features

Dogs with a disorder tend to have deformed or dwarf-like facial features. Some common abnormalities in French Bulldogs are small heads, flat faces, short necks, upward-slanting eyes, and ears. 

Dogs with Down syndrome-like conditions tend to have dry and warm noses. It is also not uncommon to see incomplete or deformed legs and skin patches in French Bulldogs suffering from a disorder.

Behavioral Problems

Dogs suffering from disorders often display odd behavior and traits, such as whining, howling, or incessant wailing. It is also not uncommon for these dogs to show an unusual reserve. French Bulldog puppies that suffer from a disorder don’t live long. 

Even if the puppies survive the initial stages, it becomes almost impossible for dog owners to potty-train and feed them. 

Skin Issues

Many dog breeds suffer from skin issues when they have a down syndrome-like condition such as Congenital Hypothyroidism. Aside from having heavy shedding and missing skin patches, the Frenchie may become insensitive toward minor irritants, and this causes the dog to develop health problems such as allergies quickly.


Dogs with disorders similar to down syndrome may also have other health problems. These health problems can cause the dog to bloody discharge from the rectum. You may notice blood coming out of the dog’s body during the latter stages of the condition.

Random Pain

Since the disorder affects the dog’s entire body, the canine may also have abnormally or poorly developed organs. This can cause random pain in the canine in different body parts.

Thyroid Problems

Dogs with a disorder also have thyroid problems; thyroid malfunction is the most common issue. This can cause temperature and metabolism problems in the dog. Usually, dogs with a disorder have a lower temperature than dogs without.

How to manage a Frenchie with a Dog Syndrome-like condition

While it is rare to see a French Bulldog with down syndrome, they can still suffer from conditions similar to the disorder. Here are some ways you can manage a Frenchie that has a disorder:


You can play sports such as frisbee with your dog or take them on a brisk walk daily, and this will help the dog strengthen his bones, heart, and other organs. However, since your French Bulldog has special requirements, it is best to consult the vet and get an exercise plan. If your dog suffers from a congenital heart condition, too much physical activity may harm him.

Good Diet

Dog foods with high protein content will repair wasted muscles and strengthen all the muscles in the dog’s body. However, be careful giving your dog preserved food as some French Bulldogs are allergic to them. Again, running the diet plan through the vet is best before changing the dog’s diet.

Regular Checkups

The veterinarian may advise you to get regular checkups and may even prescribe medications or vitamins to keep the Frenchie’s body functioning properly. You should strictly observe the time of medication and proper dosage. If you suspect your dog has a drug allergy and the canine is panting or having seizures after taking the medication, rush him to the vet.



In this Down Syndrome French Bulldog guide, we discussed whether French Bulldogs get disorders like Down syndrome. While conditions like Down syndrome are rare in dogs, many disorders have similar traits.

In this article, we have listed some signs and symptoms that you should know. We have also briefly explained the steps you need to take to help French Bulldogs suffering from a disorder. 

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