The French Bulldog Bite Force

The French Bulldog or Frenchie is one of the gentlest dog breeds, and the dog is highly intelligent and is not popular for biting people. However, in this article, we will discuss the French Bulldog bite force and explain how powerful the bite is.

The French Bulldog Bite Force PSI

The French Bulldog is a small-sized canine, and there aren’t many studies on the dog’s bite force. However, the Frenchie has an average bite force of 180 to 230 pounds per square inch (PSI). Please remember that this is just an estimated figure, and there can be a discrepancy.

Numerous factors can change the bite force, such as the dog’s mood, what the dog is biting on, etc. While most French Bulldogs have a calm and well-behaved personality, they have a dangerous bite.

Do Jaws of the French Bulldog Lock

There are several myths about the Frenchie. While this dog is popular for having a locked jaw, they lack a locking jaw that can give a dangerous bite. In fact, no canines in the world have a lockjaw. 

This is just a myth and one that should be broken once and for all. Most pet owners assume the French Bulldog has a locking jaw or a weak one, which is not true; in reality, it is the opposite of what most owners assume. 

Like other dog breeds with exposed teeth, the Frenchie might look threatening or strong, but it cannot shut its jaw around someone’s neck or break the skin. 

Do French Bulldogs have an Underbite

Sometimes French Bulldogs can develop an underbite. However, the underbite can be more obvious in some dogs than others. The breed standard for the French Bulldog states that the lower jaw is undershot, square, and broad. However, jaw varieties, such as the underbite, appear in dogs with a short muzzle, such as the Frenchie. 

How Powerful is the Bite Force of a French Bulldog

While French Bulldogs are mostly calm but can occasionally bite their owners during playtime, though the Frenchie is a small-sized dog, it has a dangerous bite, and you should handle the canine carefully.

The French Bulldog jaw strength is lethal, and the dog can chew through almost anything effortlessly. Since French Bulldogs have one of the strongest bite forces in the canine world, it is essential to be aware of the dog’s oral health from a young age.

Are studies on the French Bulldog bite force Accurate

You can find several studies on aggressive dog breeds and their bite forces. However, even in those existing studies, it is tough to rely on the statistics. The reason is it is almost impossible to calculate the bite force pressure, as the dog will usually bite with a different force each time.

Most studies into dog bite force pressure conducted the pressure test while the dog was under an aesthetic. While you can rely on the data, that is all we have to work with now.

How to keep the dog’s jaws strong?

If you own a French Bulldog, you must ensure your canine has clean and strong jaws. Here is how you can ensure the French Bulldog bite force remains strong.


Most Bulldog breeds have a playful temperament, and you should allow the dog to participate in chewing exercises. These exercises will improve the dog’s overall well-being and will strengthen its jaws. 

You can also play tug-of-war with the Frenchie, as it mimics the feeding behavior. The tug-of-war is also good, improving both jaw and bond strength. Lastly, you can give the Frenchie a suction toy; this toy trains the dog’s jaws and stops it from biting people.


Dogs can get Periodontitis, which is a type of gum disease. This disease is common in dog breeds, such as French Bulldogs and Pugs. If you want to raise a French Bulldog, you must first consult with your vet. Ask the vet when you can vaccinate the dog and how costly the procedure will be. 

Routine Checkups

Dental health is a big component of overall dog health, and keeping tabs on your dog’s oral health is important. Experts recommend having a dental checkup once every six months. During these checkups, you can also take notes, and if you notice any changes, don’t hesitate to discuss them with the vet.

Keep the mouth Clean

It is essential to take good care of the dog’s oral hygiene. French Bulldogs can develop gum diseases and cavities. Try to buy their teeth with dog-friendly toothpaste, strengthening the jaw and gums. The toothpaste will also prevent bacteria, which can cause gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay.

Tips for avoiding aggression in the Frenchie

While the Frenchie typically has a calm personality, sometimes it can be aggressive. Here are a few reasons why the French Bulldog might get aggressive toward its owner:

  • Careless Breeding
  • Lack or poor socialization at a young age
  • Trauma

Learning how to avoid these factors is essential to understand what contributes to them. 

Careless Breeding

It is not easy to breed a French Bulldog, which is expensive. Due to the rise in popularity of the French Bulldog, many irresponsible breeders carelessly inbreed the breeds. French Bulldogs undergo artificial inseminations, and since they have small-sized hips, females need c-sections as natural reproduction is tough.

French Bulldogs are notoriously famous for suffering numerous health problems, so their owners must put effort into caring for them. Many puppy mill French Bulldogs are traumatized by the fear of their environment.

Poor Socialization

When dogs have poor or no social skills, it is typically because of limited exposure to humans or other dogs. Sometimes dogs lack social skills because they have had numerous bad experiences interacting with other species.

Socializing enables dogs to understand and learn good mannerisms easily. Since French Bulldog gets tired quickly, being constantly awake due to a fearful environment can diminish their sleep quality. A good way to ensure your dog regains or develops social skills is by helping it interact with other people or dogs at a young age.


On most occasions, trauma is the leading factor of aggression in French Bulldogs. Frenchies that show aggression have experienced trauma that consists of neglect and trauma caused by other people. This can lead to the dog feeling severe forms of agitation and fear.

French Bulldogs that have experienced trauma in some shape or form are most likely to respond with biting or growling out of fear of being harmed.

When to get help to reduce the dog’s Aggression?

If you have gotten your Frenchie neutered, you can rule that out as the potential reason for the dog’s aggression. However, if you have done everything possible to prevent the dog from biting or nipping, but nothing is working, it is time to seek professional help.

There are many reasons why the French Bulldog will persistently bite its owner’s feet. It is best to consult an experienced dog trainer or behavioralist; this individual will be able to get the root cause of the issue and solve it.

Some dog trainers can train the French Bulldog, making the dog less likely to nip or bite. However, please remember that the Frenchie is a stubborn and independent dog breed, and training the canine will take time.

How dangerous can a Frenchie bite be?

The French Bulldog’s jaw strength is lethal; however, while there are cases of severe dog bites, most bites from dogs are not dangerous. In fact, most Frenchie bites won’t even hit the skin, let alone break it. Usually, the bites from the French Bulldog can lead to slight scratching or bruising.

Most dog owners know when their Frenchie has given a warning bite. When the dog gives a warning bite, he or she will clamp down on the skin and won’t release its teeth. That said, there are many risks associated with a dog bite, and here are some of them:


If the dog’s bite could break your skin, you could get an infection. You must thoroughly clean the wound and schedule an appointment with them soon.


If an animal that has rabies has bitten your French Bulldog, you should take the dog to the vet as soon as possible. Some animals that can give rabies to dogs are Skunks, Foxes, Raccoons, and unvaccinated dogs.


Some dog bites from the Frenchie or other dog breeds can lead to severe scarring. While the scarring is harmless, it will be a lifelong reminder of the dog bite. 


While this is extremely rare, it can happen. Occasionally, a dog bite from a Frenchie can lead to death. 


In this article, our focus was on the French Bulldog bite force. We discussed how powerful the bite was and what steps you can take to maintain the French Bulldog jaw strength. We have also given several tips on how you can control an aggressive Frenchie since French Bulldogs can give severe bites due to aggression. 

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